First World Osteoarthitis Day

As part of the World Osteoarthritis Day, the Osteoarthritis Foundation created the WODIES
(World Osteoarthritis Day Intergenerational Events)


Where ?

Mont des Arts

When ?

14 & 15 septembre 2019 


 Does it hurt when you move? Do you have creaky joints?
Do you have difficulties moving? Is your pet limping?

Then, you may be interested in this event!

Visit the Wodies Website and block those dates out in your calendar,
for two days entirely dedicated to osteoarthritis and associated diseases.

Come join us to improve your knowledge of osteoarthritis, meet health professionals and participate in physical activities.

All activities will be free, in a friendly atmosphere, with family or friends.


This day will pursue a threefold objective:

1) Disseminate accessible, clear and precise scientific information;
2) Provide an overview of current and future prevention options and treatments;
3) Address patients' concerns.

On the program: meetings with professionals, conferences/debates, physical activities for all, cheap snacks and drinks, games for children, etc.

More details on this event in the coming weeks ...