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Nestlé Health Science Osteoarthritis Research Grant

Article 1 - Purpose and Objective
The "Nestlé Health Science Osteoarthritis Grant" is intended to honor an active European researcher or team who contributes significantly to the treatment of osteoarthritis.
It was established by the Osteoarthritis Foundation, a private foundation created in July 2015, with the aim of promoting basic research in the field of osteoarthritis.
The criteria used for awarding the Grant are the quality of the research, and its applicability to the clinical field. This Grant aims at rewarding research work performed in the field of preclinical to clinical interventions with natural compounds (nutrition, plant-based, etc). Its objective is also to promote the Osteoarthritis Foundation’s activities in Europe.

Article 2 - Name, value, and periodicity of the Grant
The name of the Grant is "Nestlé Health Science Osteoarthritis Grant".
The Grant, worth 5,000 euros (five thousand euros), is decerned by the Osteoarthritis Foundation and can not be shared.
The Grant is awarded each year, or at other frequencies based on the Foundation Board’s decision.

Article 3 - Conditions/criteria applicable to candidates
The "Nestlé Health Science Osteoarthritis Grant" is intended to reward recent research published or accepted for publication in an international peer-reviewed journal in the year or the previous year of the grant application.
The applicant must be the first or the last author of the paper (if not by alphabetical order). He/she may be the representative for a team and officially designated by it.

Article 4 - Designation/selection of the winner
The winner shall be chosen by the Osteoarthritis Foundation on a proposal by an international jury set up by the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Osteoarthritis Foundation. Professor Bernard Rentier, Rector Emeritus of the University of Liège, will fulfill this function for the 2022 edition of the Grant.

Article 5 – Jury
The jury consists of members of the Board of Directors of the Osteoarthritis Foundation and international scientific personalities selected by the Osteoarthritis Foundation. The members of the jury shall not be remunerated but shall be entitled to a travel and accommodation allowance if their presence is required. A quorum of three persons is required for the jury to deliberate. The jury may deliberate by videoconferencing.
The jury shall conduct its proceedings and deliberations in accordance with this Regulation. Decisions shall be taken by consensus as much as possible and, if not, by secret ballot until a simple majority is reached.
The jury shall evaluate the applications in a written report and provide its recommendations. This report shall be sent to the Osteoarthritis Foundation.

Article 6 - Submission of applications
Each application shall be sent with a duly completed dossier justifying the aims and objectives of the candidate, as defined in Article 1 of this Regulation. This dossier must be sent to the chair of the jury in paper or electronic form (with acknowledgment request) by August 15th, 2022 by email at the following address : admin@fondationarthrose.org
Each application shall be sent with:
- a scientific curriculum vitae;
- a description of the objectives and main results of the candidate;
- a copy of the publication(s) related to the application;
- a letter signed by the candidate or by a responsible authority of his/her institution attesting his/her affiliation to a European University (any application failing to include this letter will not be considered);
- the information form appended to this Regulation, duly completed and signed.

Article 7 - Awarding of the grant
The "Nestlé Health Science Osteoarthritis Grant" is awarded by the Osteoarthritis Foundation at an event organized by the latter. The winner must be present on the day of the ceremony and will receive a check corresponding to the amount of the Prize and a certificate.
The Osteoarthritis Foundation will cover the cost of travel and accommodation (standard room) for the winner.
The laureate will be invited to present his/her research work. This presentation will take place during the award ceremony and/or at any other event organized by the Osteoarthritis Foundation and/or by video recording. This presentation may be used by the Osteoarthritis Foundation to promote the grant.

Article 8 - Appeal
The decision of the Osteoarthritis Foundation regarding the award of the grant is not subject to appeal. The grant applications shall not be made public.

Article 9 - Amendment to the Regulation of the grant
Any amendment to this Regulation shall be submitted to the Osteoarthritis Foundation for approval.