Osteoarthritis affects us all

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Nestlé Prize 2022


The Nestlé Health Science Osteoarthritis Grant is intended to honor an active European researcher or team who contributes significantly to the research on osteoarthritis and its applicability to the clinical field for treatment, mainly in the field of preclinical to clinical interventions with natural compounds.

Its objective is also to promote The Osteoarthritis Foundation’s activities in Europe.

The 2022 Nestlé Health Science Osteoarthritis Grant is awarded to Cindy BOER, a Postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Internal Medicine of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Her research is focusing on osteoarthritis: from epidemiology to genetics, and other ‘omics’ research. Multiple environmental risk factors have been recognized for osteoarthritis, however, the predicted risk for osteoarthritis that can be attributed to genetics is substantial. Using genome-wide association studies in large genetic population data, she tries to identify new genes and pathways involved in osteoarthritis.