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Prix International Elise Jourdevant

Call for candidates for the Osteoarthritis Foundation’s
« International Elise Jourdevant Prize »
Article 1 - Purpose and Objective
1.1 The "International Elise Jourdevant Prize" is intended to honor a live European researcher who contributes significantly to the understanding, diagnosis or treatment of osteoarthritis.
1.2 The "Osteoarthritis Foundation’s International Elise Jourdevant Prize" was established by the Osteoarthritis Foundation, which is a private foundation created in July 2015, with the aim of promoting fundamental research in the field of osteoarthritis.
1.3 This Prize is named after Elise Jourdevant, residing at 53 rue de la Lhomme, 5580 Jemelle, Belgium.
1.4 The criteria used for awarding the Prize are the quality of the research, but also the applicability of these laboratory research to the clinical field. This Prize is about evaluating the researcher’s entire career. Its objective is also to promote the Osteoarthritis Foundation in Europe.

Article 2 - Name, value and periodicity of the Prize
2.1 The name of the Prize is "International Elise Jourdevant Prize".
2.2 The Prize, which is worth 7,500 euros (seventy-five hundred euros), is financed by the Osteoarthritis Foundation and is not divisible.
2.3 The Prize is awarded every two years.

Article 3 - Conditions/criteria applicable to candidates
3.1 The "Elise Jourdevant International Prize" is intended to reward the efforts of a scientist, a research team or an institution whose work has been mainly devoted to the understanding of the pathophysiological mechanisms, the diagnosis or the treatment of osteoarthritis for at least 5 years.
3.2 The candidates must have distinguished themselves by a major discovery recognized by the international scientific community.

Article 4 - Designation/selection of the winner
The winner shall be chosen by the Osteoarthritis Foundation on a proposal from an international jury set up by the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Osteoarthritis Foundation. Bernard Rentier, who is honorary Chief education officer of the University of Liège, will fulfill this function for the 2022 edition of the "International Elise Jourdevant Prize".

Article 5 – Jury
5.1 The jury consists of members of the Board of Directors of the Osteoarthritis Foundation and international scientific figures.
5.2 The members of the jury shall not be remunerated but shall be entitled to a travel and accommodation allowance. A quorum of three persons is required for the jury to deliberate.
5.3 The jury shall conduct its proceedings and deliberations in accordance with this Regulation. Decisions shall be taken by consensus as far as possible and, if not, by secret ballot until a simple majority is reached.
5.4 The jury shall evaluate the applications in a written report and provide its recommendations. This report shall then be sent to the Osteoarthritis Foundation.

Article 6 - Submission of applications
6.1 The Foreman of the jury formally invites the members of the jury to submit one or more application(s) by August 15, 2022, at the latest.
6.2 No person shall submit their own application. No spontaneous applications shall be processed.
6.3 Each application shall be sent with a duly completed dossier that justifies the aims and objectives of the candidate, as defined in Article 1 of this Regulation. This dossier must be sent to the Foreman of the jury in paper or electronic form (with acknowledgment request) by August 15, 2022 (the postmark will be considered as proof).

For the paper version:
Fondation Arthrose
To the attention of Monsieur B. Rentier
Président du Jury « Prix international Elise Jourdevant »
Rue de Fraigneux, 22B
4100 Boncelles – Belgium

For the electronic version:
brentier@uliege.be and admin@fondationarthrose.org

Each application shall be sent with:
- a written recommendation of no more than five standard pages in English or in French including specific arguments which demonstrate in what measure the application is relevant with regard to the objectives of the Prize. Any additional document may be attached as an annex (that is to say publication(s), or any other document considered to be of major importance). These documents will not be returned;
- a description of the profile and achievements of the candidate;
- a letter signed by the candidate or by a responsible authority of an institution attesting to their agreement to submit the application (any application not including this letter will be considered as inadmissible);
- the information form appended to this Regulation duly completed and signed.

Article 7 - Awarding of the Prize
7.1 The "Elise Jourdevant International Prize" is awarded by the Osteoarthritis Foundation at an event organized by the latter. The winner must be present on the day of the ceremony and will receive a check corresponding to the amount of the Prize and a diploma.
7.2 The Osteoarthritis Foundation will cover the cost of travel and accommodation (standard room) of the winner.
7.3 When awarded the Prize, the winner will be invited to make a presentation on their activities. This presentation will take place during the award ceremony or at any other event organized by the Osteoarthritis Foundation. This presentation may be published by the Osteoarthritis Foundation.
7.4 Work carried out by a deceased applicant before a winner is chosen shall not be taken into consideration for the awarding of the Prize. However, the Prize may be awarded to the winner posthumously if their death happens between the time of submission and the award ceremony.

Article 8 - Appeal
The decision of the Osteoarthritis Foundation concerning the awarding of the Prize cannot be appealed against. Applications for the Prize shall not be made public.

Article 9 - Amendment to the Regulation of the Prize
Any amendment to this Regulation shall be submitted to the Osteoarthritis Foundation for approval.